standard size: 225€



 up to 5 sq. m: 100€ per 1 sq. m 

 greater than 5 sq. m: 95€ per 1 sq. m 

 greater than 15 sq. m: 90€ per 1 sq. m

 greater than 30 sq. m: 85€ per 1 sq. m 




Standard wallpapers

 All wallpapers in our catalogue are available in standard size, ie. in the following dimensions: the width of 100 cm and the height depending on the proportions of the etching (usually between 130 and 160 cm). Standard size allows you to print on the width of one roll, so you receive a single roll of wallpaper. The rolls come with a margin that allow to adjust the painting to the desired width and length. On our website, we present examples of completed orders made using our wallpapers. They were used both as wall decorations in the form of stylized panels imitating frescoes and paintings, interior shutters, as well as furniture fronts, doors and continuous building line. They are also a great way to create an interesting or decorative ceiling.

 We also offer design services with this type of decoration, combined with boiseries or with wooden stylized wooden decorations, characteristic of palace architecture.

Made-to-measure wallpapers

 In our studio, you have the opportunity to create wall decorations responding to your wishes and needs. We can create design patterns from our catalogue in any dimension, subject to the proportions of the stage. It must be specified, however, that the maximum print width guaranteed by us as having adequately clear and intensive colours shall not exceed 5 running meters. This is mainly due to the fact that we work on etchings made using the traditional method, mainly copperplate engravings and woodcuts which constitute, when enlarged, a drawing created with lines and surfaces reflected from the matrix, hand-carved or etched into a metal plate. Above the mentioned dimensions, the customer shall assume the risk and responsibility for the final result. We make the decision, of course, after consultation with the customer and after design visualization. Made-to-measure wallpapers are composed of several rolls having a maximum width of 130 cm. Installation is simple and does not present major difficulties because each of the elements of the paining has an additional margin which enables the precise adjustment of the design pattern to the wall surface.