Zdjęcie właścicieli firmy

Art And Craft is an art gallery where we create unique furniture elements, wallpapers, paintings, the highest-quality antique replicas and functional art forms resulting from our fascination with Baroque and Rococo art. We draw inspiration from the glamour, originality and elegance of Venetian, Roman and Parisian palaces. The original objects or paintings can be seen only in museums, but we can offer you purchasable fine art reproductions. In this way, something absolutely unattainable even in the art and antique markets appears in our customers’ homes. Our furniture pieces are made based on modern Italian frames which are replicas of eighteenth-century furniture. The furniture is hand-painted, gilded and antiqued. Each piece is different and unique. Fabrics that we use are jacquard, silk and tapestry. You can create your own unique collection based on a wide range of samples available at our art gallery. So we would like to invite everyone who loves elaborative and unique objects, who succumbs to the captivating atmosphere and splendour of the ancient residences and manors.

The founder of our art gallery, Judyta Badowska, is an art historian. In 1997, she graduated from the Department of History of Art at the University of Lodz. In 2003, she completed her doctoral studies at her alma mater University of Lodz, specialising primarily in the architectural history of Lodz from the time when the ‘Promised Land’ novel was written. As a lecturer, Badowska conducted a series of lectures on art history, architecture, furniture industry, applied art and the history of fashion.

Designing and decorating historical interiors has been Badowska’s passion for a while. Badowska considers revitalising the buildings located at Tuwima 31 in Lodz, called by Lodz-dwellers “the London Tenement House” (it houses the headquarters of Art and Craft Gallery) to be her personal success.